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Bio: Horizontal feed mixer Introduction
SLHSJ Horizontal feed mixer series mixed in gravity-free state, variety of liquids can be added. Two open doors structure, discharge rapidly. Conveyed by three chains, run in low speed, stable operation movement. The improvement of open door shaft and link mechanism ensure that the angle of opening door is larger than 90°(the materials can't fall on the door),close door which is dead locked .It can be used for premix, poultry feed, aquatic feed, additives, chemical and medicine industries, etc..

Technical parameters of Horizontal feed mixer
Effective volume(M3)0.51247
Mixing time(s)60-18060-18060-18060-18060-180
Mixed Uniformity≤5≤5≤5≤5≤5
Horizontal feed mixer features
1. SLHSJ broiler premix plant is wide applied to additive, premix, feedstuff, medicine, food chemical industries,
2.Short mixing period 30-90s/batch and high mixing homogeneity (CV≤5%, may be up to 3%);
3.Mixing Time (1-3 Minutes). Mixing homogeneity is up to 97%;
4.Specially-designed discharger door sealing system has good tightness, ensuring no products leakage;
5.Customized stainless steel body, strong resistance to corrosion;
6.Double-circle rotor design, inside and outside double-circle paddle design, reinforcing convection, shearing, and mixing effects.

About our Company
Wuxi Huaqiang feed machinery is specialized in manufacturing feed mixer machinery, design feed production line, installation and debugging. Actively carries on technical cooperation with many graduate schools and colleges, produces a series feed machinery products with high standard.
Huaqiang has experienced, high quality design, production and installation troops, which can design and manufacture each kind of powder material, premix material, pellet material and special aquatic product material projects.

Our Services
1.Technical guidance, according to your capacity and raw material ,recommend a
suitable model;
2.Visit to our factory and have an investigation and performance test;
3.Engineers available to service machinery overseas;
4.Warranty 1 year, quality guarantee except wear parts and wrong operation.Feed Mixer price
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